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For us it is a challenge to select the right solution for every service contract agreement. When necessary we develop a new one. Précon believes in customized and practical solutions, so that upon completion of the contract you will experience our added value.
At the start of a project we begin with a thorough inventory of the situation, your needs and the requirements. Based on this, we select a consultant and/or a team. Not only based on the required know-how and relevant expertise but especially on personal qualities. This should fit your culture. This ‘click’ determines the rate of success in your assignment.

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International Certificates

Consultancy on getting international certificates : BRC, IFS, ISO, FSSC



Increasing know-how and skills with your employees goes further than just sharing knowledge. That’s why we work with different experts on training and education.
Our professionals not only have years of experience in the global food supply chain but they also master the appropriate teaching skills. Therefore we trustworthy say: Précon is the training partner for well thought training programs. Whether it comes to improve human performance or to better work with available systems. Because no human is the same nor learns in the same way, we offer different types of training. Perfectly attuned to the skill base and the practical situation of your employees. We offer:

  • Classroom training
  • E-learning
  • Blended Learning (combination of learning types).

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