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About Précon Consulting and Learning Services

With over 25 years of experience, Précon has partnered with the largest international food industry companies in the EU and other countries. Quality, food safety, improvement and sustainability of production line processes and support throughout the supply chain for "quality of food products", " healthier society" and "tomorrow's best" are the goals of the company. We support all producers who aim for the best for their consumers in order to upgrade their business to the highest quality level. Together with organizations, we identify and solve problems together, by finding the best possible solution, then combining it with the right solution and applying the necessary services and expertise through consulting, training, outsourcing, as well as take advantage of professional consultants, especially when a professional consultant is needed interim, we achieve the best operational results. Choosing a professional team according to your organizational culture is very important to us because we believe that staff create success. Therefore, in order to provide the best solution and advice to you, we invest in the required projects and provide conditions for the growth and promotion of personnel knowledge by interim professional consultants. We treat our customers the way we expect them to treat us, honestly, flexibly and focused on achieving goals. Customer loyalty and inviting us to new projects is a good example of this.

Now, Précon Company provides consulting and training services to support the food industry in Iran in the following areas:

  • Food quality and safety


Quality management systems

Preparation to receive international certifications such as: BRC, FSSC, IFS, ISO and ...

Establish production prerequisite programs

Pest management methods

  • Improve and upgrade production processes

Analysis of the production line

Waste reduction

Lean methods of production (6 Sigma, TPM)

  • Management and organization

Project Management

Organizational support

Strategy Management

Capabilities analysis


Providing appropriate training programs of the job position

  • Food laws, regulations and requirements

Support to obtain the quality standards required for export

Principles of labeling for export to the EU

EU and FDA rules and regulations

  • Audit

Internal Audit

Audit of suppliers


Our target groups:

  • Companies that intend to export and sell their products in the international markets of Europe, North Asia and other countries.
  • Companies that aim to create a competitive advantage for their products by improving quality.
  • Start-up companies that need expert advice and support.
  • Start-ups that have reached a level of quality development and need to expand to a higher level.
  • Reputed companies which have impacted by a downturn and performance cessation, and need a new approach.
  • Governmental agencies, associations, training institutes, universities and organizations that intend to educate or promote students in the field of the food industry and quality management.
  • Students and graduates working in the food industry.

All international and domestic projects are carried out in coordination and cooperation of the Dutch office.

The above groups are our clients in the following activities in the food industry supply chain:

Governmental and semi-governmental organizations

Food manufacturers

Retail industry

Packaging Industry

Service and logistics companies

All international and domestic projects are carried out in coordination and cooperation of the Dutch office.

Précon’s history

Précon Food Management B.V. is an international consulting and training services company that has been operating in the Netherlands since 1993. With more than two decades of experience, in 2016, the company established a branch consisting of Iranian and Dutch consultants, specialists and tutors in Iran as a joint venture. Précon the Netherlands has played an important role in developing and expanding the capacity of the EU food industry. By supporting this sector in improving food quality throughout the supply chain, the company has made these products superior in global competitive markets. Through its international branches, Précon cooperates with public and private organizations in other countries such as Belgium, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Egypt and Latvia in developing, improving, training and enforcing food industry laws.

Précon Iran’s aim is supporting the country's food industry to improve quality for a greater productivity, a better tomorrow and a healthier society, and the greater recognition of Iranian products in global markets.

Our values

If you want to be the best, you have to rely on a strong foundation. Précon's foundation is professionalism, uniqueness, ethics, trustworthiness and focus on the purpose.

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"Treat others the way you expect to be treated." We work on the basis of honesty, trust and diligence and are strongly committed to our ethical values, so all Précon staff are committed to taking Précon’s Behavioral Courses each year.

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Exclusive services

We will select the right consultant for you by identifying and understanding your needs. Therefore, according to your request, we introduce not only the best consultant based on the required expertise, but also according to the organizational characteristics of the client. We believe that even the smallest details in the way we provide services can indicate our success.

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Professional work

Providing professional service to customers is the foundational concern in Précon. We are always updating ourselves, which means that we always provide quality and effective services to our customers by using the latest knowledge and professional consultants in this industry.

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Focus on the goal

"Never give the customer what they want, but provide what they really need." In other words, providing the solution is our priority. Précon helps you in identifying and highlighting your business goals. We will assist you to achieve an organized view of growth and development opportunities, and will accompany your organization to achieve the best results.

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Trust is at the root of Précon personnel and plays a vital role in this organization. Therefore, we have defined and documented our working methods in a quality management system. Our quality system is certified by ISO 9001: 2008 and we are audited by Cedeo for "Custom corporate training" and "Management Consultancy" every two years.

welcome to Précon

Dear graduate and technical manager,

Welcome to the website of Précon Iran. The company specializes in consulting the implementation of quality management systems and training in the food industry. The training platform and specialized courses of this company are designed by Dutch experts and are offered in Iran with the cooperation and approval of the Food and Drug Administration to technical officials and food industry enthusiasts. We hope that the training courses of this company will be beneficial in line with your activities in the country's food industry.