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Our expertise: support throughout the chain, Quality Management Systems

Food safety and quality management are essential elements in food and feed processing. They are sine qua non. Hence the importance of continuous monitoring. Précon has been assisting clients for more than 20 years in establishing and maintaining proven and practical quality - and food safety systems. So continuity and security are guaranteed.

This company will support in the mentioned scops in your organization to improve:

Food Safety and Quality

Internal Audit

Supplier Audit

Our expertise: support throughout the chain, Quality Management Systems
Process improvement and optimization

Process improvement and optimization

Are you keen on efficient business processes? Lower operating costs, reduced reject percentages or emissions? While working more effective? Resulting in increased lead time reliability? Reviewing your processes can enhance your costs and customer service level. And eventually can lead to more customer satisfaction. Précon has the right approach to project manage such improvements. In cooperation with you, we identify bottlenecks, determine the objectives and agree upon the improvement plan. From writing a concise report specifying the steps to take, to a fully fledged take on of the implementation project.

To improve processes ve suggeste below services:

Improve production procedures

Analysis of production lines

Waste Management

Lean Manufacturing Methods (TPM, 6 Sigma,...)

Management and organization

The structure of the organization and the employees behavior are largely accountable for the realization of your organizational objectives. The processing of safe, healthy, tasty and surprising food are a direct product of the way the business is managed and run. How to deal and to communicate with staff, and customers? Which technology to apply? Which logistical control support makes your products flow? Which requirements must meet your facilities? In short, which choices will make your business and product a success? The professionals of Précon back you in these choices with the experience of many thousands of client hours as a consultant, coach, trainer or interim manager.

In order to handling effectivity and efficiency a company, Précon provides consulting services in the following areas:

Project Management

Supporting Organizations

Strategy Management

Analysis of Capabilities


Provides tailored trainings considering job descriptions

Management and organization
Laws and regulations (Regulatory affairs)

Laws and regulations (Regulatory affairs)

What should your company and products meet in accordance with laws and regulations? To export to European Union and CIS countries you need to produce food products in compliance with international standards. The use of complex language, a variety of topics and regular changes from the European law often lead to ambiguities and misunderstandings. The compliance with laws and regulations also requires extensive knowledge, time and effort. Time you prefer to spend elsewhere. Précon closely follows the subject “legal developments”. Thus we are aware in time of the impact on your organization. And we help you today to prepare for tomorrow.

We will keep pace with your compliance with the requirements and regulations by providing:

Support companies to obtain the quality standards required for export

Labeling in order to export to European Union

Regulations and Legislation of European Union and FDA

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