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Précon's online training is fully in line with the scientific needs of people in the food industry and addresses issues and problems that occur in the industry. These courses encourage students to active thinking and learning, through interaction, the use of multiple pervasive questions and examples throughout the course. The company provides a very wide range of electronic trainings. These courses cover a wide variety of topics such as quality management systems, food safety, workplace safety and more. The purpose of developing these training courses is to raise the level of science, knowledge and awareness for all people who work in the food industry. These courses focus on changing in the work behavior and culture based on quality requirements by completing class-run courses.


Elzi Learning Management System

We are proud to introduce our learning management system called Elzi to you. This educational system uses the latest educational methods in the world to invite people to e-learning. With Elzi, you will have access to a platform in which you have a personal profile, and you can take the training courses you want at any time of the day, and if you succeed in the course test, you will receive a certificate issued by Précon the Netherlands. Using Elzi in organizations brings significant added value. Using a unique platform for the first time in Iran, Précon provides the easiest way to evaluate learners. This Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to enroll students, share training programs, assign courses to individuals, and control the progress and performance of the learner at any time.

Online courses


Through our international experience over the years, we know what is effective and efficient in the e-learning. The most important part is to know what the learner has learned at the end of the course. Then, we prepare an effective training course to achieve our goals by using the appropriate tools.

Learning management system

The training department of Précon Company has experience with various learning management systems. You can think of Moodle as well as our personalized system called Elzi. We will choose any of the system which suits better on you.

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Elzi Learning Management System

Elzi is a learning management system that allows you to organize and manage your training schedules.

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Moodle learning management system

The Moodle system is being developed by many people and is being used all over the world.

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Elzi Learning Management System

Elzi is a learning management system that allows you to organize and manage your training schedules. With this learning management system, you can easily register and train employees. In addition, you can monitor their progress in training.

The Elzi training management system is constantly developing and improving. We are not only constantly observing the latest developments in learning management, but we are also reviewing our customers' opinions about this system.


Available 24/7

Accessible all over the world


Summary of the students’ progress

Unlimited number of students

Précon’s valid certificate delivery


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Moodle Learning Management System

The Moodle platform is being developed by many people and is being used all over the world. This system has the ability to introduce people in roles such as: principal, teacher and student. Each role has its own characteristics. In addition, in this system, there are many plug-ins, themes with more than 100 different languages.

We can help you set up and manage this system. Not only can we help you design and use its features, but also, we can show you the most effective way.


Compatible with different devices (Tablet & Phone)

Free use (reduce costs)

Lots of active members & constancy assurance

Available in many languages


Touch features may get disabled sometimes

Not all Plug-Ins are in high quality

Security system can be updated only in older versions

welcome to Précon

Dear graduate and technical manager,

Welcome to the website of Précon Iran. The company specializes in consulting the implementation of quality management systems and training in the food industry. The training platform and specialized courses of this company are designed by Dutch experts and are offered in Iran with the cooperation and approval of the Food and Drug Administration to technical officials and food industry enthusiasts. We hope that the training courses of this company will be beneficial in line with your activities in the country's food industry.