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Preparation to attain international standards

We confidently claim that: Précon is an appropriate partner for training programs designed to both improve human resource performance and improve working with the existing systems. Therefore, we offer different types of training methods in perfect harmony with the skills and practical solutions and according to the abilities of your employees.

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Consulting for the establishment of quality management systems

One of our most important challenges is choosing the correct and efficient solution for each client and offering a new solution when needed. Précon believes in unique and practical solutions, so by signing a contract, you will realize our added value.

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Throughout the supply chain

Our specialty: Support throughout the supply chain

Food safety and implementation of quality management systems are requirements of food production. The process of producing a safe product must be monitored from the beginning of the supply chain and compliance with the standards must be continuously checked so that it can be delivered to the consumer safely.

For more than 20 years, Précon has been supporting its customers in Europe throughout the supply chain, consulting them on the establishment and maintenance of quality management systems and supporting them to produce safe and quality products.

Food quality and safety

Internal audit

Audit of suppliers

Process improvement and optimization

Process improvement and optimization

Are you eager to run an efficient business process, reduce operating costs, reduce waste and pollutants, implement food safety system, and dramatically increase productivity and efficiency? Process review can reduce costs and increase the level of customer service and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction. Together with you, we will identify bottlenecks and identify improvement goals, and we will meet an agreement to develop and progress, from writing a brief report outlining the steps required to preparation a full report on project implementation.

We offer the following services to improve the processes:

Improvement and upgrade of production processes

Analysis of the production line

Waste reduction

Lean methods of production (6 Sigma, TPM)

Management and organization

The structure of the organization and employee behavior play an important role in achieving your organizational goals. Today in the communication era, how to establish effective communication with employees and customers is one of the most important concerns of organizations. How to communicate effectively with the organization's employees and customers? Which technology should we use? What requirements should the existing facilities meet? In short, choosing which business and offering the product to your customer, makes you successful? Précon specialists and experts guide you as a consultant, instructor and manager in making the right choices.

In order to lead effectively and efficiently in the organization, Précon accompanies you by providing consulting services in the following areas:

Project management

Support of organizations

strategy management

Capabilities analysis


Provide training programs tailored to the job position

Management and organization
Rules and Regulations (Regulatory Affairs)

Rules and Regulations (Regulatory Affairs)

What rules and regulations should your company and products comply with? To export to the EU and CIS countries, you need to produce products according to international standards. Language difficulties, different topics, and frequent changes in European law often lead to ambiguities and misunderstandings. Complying with these rules and regulations requires extensive knowledge, time and effort, that you prefer to spend on something else. Précon is closely following the legal developments so we are aware of the impact of these changes on your organization and we will help you get prepared for a better tomorrow.

We will be with you on the way to comply with the requirements and rules and regulations by providing:

Support to receive the quality standards required for export

Principles of labeling for export to the EU

Rules and regulations of the EU and the FDA

Customers and Partners

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welcome to Précon

Dear graduate and technical manager,

Welcome to the website of Précon Iran. The company specializes in consulting the implementation of quality management systems and training in the food industry. The training platform and specialized courses of this company are designed by Dutch experts and are offered in Iran with the cooperation and approval of the Food and Drug Administration to technical officials and food industry enthusiasts. We hope that the training courses of this company will be beneficial in line with your activities in the country's food industry.